Hybrid Battery Repair: What Affect Battery Life & How To Recondition it

Hybrid Battery Repair: What Affect Battery Life & How To Recondition it
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This new generation has come with the motto of “Go Green”. As the gasoline preserves are decreasing fast and the polluting level is at its peak position globally, car manufacturing industries and owners are decided to find other fuel sources that would be cheap but reliable.

Researchers got success and find the alternate way of gasoline i-e Hybrid Battery. Hybrid batteries are the only solution for our clean environment and the comparatively cheaper than the gasoline cost. These hybrid batteries use in hybrid vehicles, the latest technology of this modern era. Hybrid vehicles are cheaper than a standard vehicle and it runs on power generated by both batteries operated electric moto and gasoline engine.

Gasoline is also essential for hybrid vehicles as it accelerates the car as well as charge the batteries. One of the best features of the hybrid vehicle is when you break the battery gets charged and this feature takes the hybrid car on the number 1 as the electric cars need to be plugged in to charge.



The best part of the hybrid battery is, it gets charged without using a charger and exceptionally no difference from the normal car batteries. Hybrid batteries are rechargeable and it has the potential to move large vehicles. The most common use of hybrid batteries are the Nickel-Metal Hybride (Ni-MH)
These NiMH batteries are consisting of individual cells, each cell has the power of 1.2 Volts. They come with the standard battery sizes of C and D, further extent Sub C or F. 20 hybrid cells combined or packed together to make a 24-volt single powered battery.

These hybrid batteries have a higher energy density and are fairly priced as compared to the lead-acid batteries. The flip side of the hybrid batteries is they have a larger self-discharge when they are not in use. As this is a rechargeable battery so it works for a long time.



The algorithm for Ni-MH is almost similar to NiCd with the exclusion that Ni-MH is more complicated. The Ni-MH batteries can also be charged with the NDV charger. The Ni-MH charger consists of voltage plateau, NDV, temperature threshold, delta temperature (dT/dt), and timer for full charge detection. Advance chargers are also available which are used for fast charging. These chargers come with an amazing feature, when it reaches a certain voltage threshold, it allows the battery to cool down.

If you want that your hybrid battery works efficiently, have a long lifetime, and requires minor repairs then you have to follow the following steps as mentioned below:

  • The battery always charges at room temperature.
  • Trickle charging is best for batteries to keep it remain cool.
  • Never remain the battery plugged in the charger for a long time.




Most of the hybrid car manufacturers claim that hybrid battery works up to 80,000 to 100,000 miles. However, basic auto repair and regular maintenance make these batteries lasting up to 150,000 miles and even more than 150,000 miles. In some cases, complete replacement of the battery is highly recommended to save the lifetime of the car. Following are the factors which affect the performance of the hybrid batteries:

  • Extreme temperature
  • Counts of charge and discharge cycles
  • Chemistry of batteries


Your battery needs a repair or proper checkup when you notice that the engine of your car runs steadily and the fuel economy drops exceedingly. Ontime battery checkup will save you money.


Following are some common problems associated with hybrid batteries:

  • Relentless overcharging.
  • Reversal charging.
  • The long period for shorting.

When it is diagnosed that there is the only fault of one cell then it can be replaced with the new one, easily available in the market, or order it via the internet. Replacing the old cell with the new one will not reduce the capacity but it may not complete the lifecycle. It is recommended that always remove all the cells in the pack rather than just replacing the only damaged one, also do not mix the old and new cells.


The best part of repairing hybrid batteries is, it’s not costly as compared to the total replacement. Most of the battery mechanics recommended that repairing the hybrid batteries are more reliable than purchasing the new one. Here is the tip, if you haven’t started the car for several days then the first thing you have to do is to plug in the battery on a trickle charger until it is fully charged.

As hybrid cars are the new technology and it requires high and stable voltage so it is not recommended to repair it by yourself or give it to an uncertified technician, it may result in the complete damage of your battery as well as the loss of money. Always take your car’s battery to the approved or authorized repairing shop. Mechanics believed that by repairing the battery, performance improves up to 95%.

A certified technician first removes the pack of Ni-MH battery from the vehicle and checks its condition and then acquires data for the analysis and diagnosis of the fault. After diagnosis, based on results battery is going through the process of controlled charging and discharging sessions to increase the power of the cell individually.

You can condition the NiMH battery many times without any change in the capacity of the battery pack. If you want to save your money then you should go for the reconditioning of the battery.


Finally, we can conclude that drive your car at-least after every 5 days which makes its parts functional also check all the gears, breaks, and other accessories. While driving always try to vary your car speed to make it ensure that the electric motor and the gasoline engine are working properly but if we conclude the long-lasting of the hybrid batteries so it is still questionable with each passing day.

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