How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

How Long Do Car Batteries Last?
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How long do the car batteries last? This question is asked usually but the answer to this question is not so simple because we have to consider many things like battery type, the average temperature and humidity, the daily running, and usage of the car. All these factors prove to be very important in determining how long the car battery will last. In short, the answer to this question depends on the place where you live and also on the type of battery that you use in the car.

The average life of a car battery is about 6-10 years. If you live in a hot and humid place, then this average life can be considered 2-3 years less. Because we all know that hot places are not so good for the maintenance of such equipment. It can cause early damage to the battery.

Factors Affecting the Life of a Car Battery



Before estimating the life of your car battery, consider the following factors that affect the life of your car battery.

The first factor to consider is your Climate. If you live in a place where the average temperature is 30 C plus, then your battery will get damaged much faster as compared to a place where the average temperature is 20 C plus.

We all know that hot temperature causes high sulfation of the plates and increased fluid loss. If you are using a Wet battery, then you may overcome this problem so far. Wet (flooded) batteries are considered to be preferable in hot climates.

The other main factor to consider is driving habits. The way and the number of times you use your car in a week also affects how long do car batteries last. When you start your car, it means that a charge is being applied to your car battery which helps maintain a charge by the car battery. In case, if you leave your car idle or spare for days or weeks, it means that your car is losing its battery timing which is not a good sign.

One important factor is to make sure that the radio and air-conditioner are turned off when your car is not running. The proper usage of your car and its equipment also extend the life of your car’s battery. If you are taking care of these small things you may save yourself from a bigger loss.

So, we recommend you to take your car for a spin at least after every 3-4 days if you want to maintain a healthy car battery. It is said that during driving, the effects of the sulfation process are reversed and as a result, it extends the life of your car’s battery.

How long do Car Batteries Last- Types of Battery


Following are the types of batteries used in the cars:

==> Wet (Flooded) – This type of battery is the most commonly used. It is mostly recommended in hot climates. These batteries are good to use in hot places with maintenance.

==> Calcium (Calcium-Calcium) _ These batteries offer good battery life but are most expensive to purchase.

==> Maintenance FREE GEL or Wet (MF sealed Battery) _ Flooded or GEL sealed batteries are long-lasting and degrade slowly as compared to Wet (flooded) batteries. This type of batteries also requires drilling for reconditioning.

==> VRLA (AGM) _ stands for “Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery”. These batteries are so similar to Maintenance free car batteries, offer longer life estimation and higher costs.

==> Lithium-Ion _ The most expensive batteries found rarely and prove to be long-lasting if used with proper care.

So, all the types of batteries mentioned above have different characteristics and usage. The type of battery that you buy will decide how long it will last. If you spend more money on an expensive battery, there will be an initial increase in the battery timing but later it will be harder to recondition such batteries. I will recommend you to purchase Wet (flooded) batteries as they are cheap and are easy to maintain and recondition. However, in hot and humid areas the lifetime of a good battery may decrease but it is fine to maintain your battery and use it regularly for better performance.


In this article, we have discussed the life of car battery, factors affecting the life of a car battery, and different types of batteries.
So, let us know which type of battery you will prefer to use in the car. How long do the car batteries last? Let us know in the comments. We hope that this article will prove interesting for you guys. Kindly share this with your friends if you like it!

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