Best Car Batteries Buying Guide

Best Car Batteries Buying Guide
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The majority of people think that their car batteries will last forever and there will not any issue with their batteries. They keep using their car batteries by doing charging again and again. In the starting, their car batteries work efficiently but with the passage of time, their performance starts to decrease.

At that point, people made their mind to fix this problem. The issue can be resolved by making a battery replacement. Because if we fix this issue by constant charging and recharging then the issue will solve temporarily. In order to fix the issue permanently, the damaged car battery should be replaced with the new one.

If this is your first experience to shop for car batteries, then this article will help you a lot in determining which battery you should buy and it will guide you about many more things. Fortunately, we are here to help you. So, let’s just know what you need to know before going to buy a car battery.

Things to know before Buying Car Batteries

Purchasing car batteries would not be much difficult if you know that for what things you should look for. By remembering the simple tips, you would successfully buy the best car battery with high quality and cheap price. You need not waste your money on buying expensive batteries. When batteries with high quality and low prices are available then it is such a big blunder to pay such high prices.

The Fit:
There is a variety of sizes and fits of car batteries available. It is very important to choose a battery that perfectly fits in your car. While buying the battery, you can check for the size and terminal locations of the battery. Many battery retail outlets allow picking your desired battery that fits your car.

How Recent is the Model?

Always purchase the recently manufactured battery. If the batteries are stored for a long period of time, they may lose their working and strength. So, it’s better to purchase the new and latest model of the battery if you want brilliant working and performance.

Check the life-time of the battery

The battery’s life is also the main thing to consider if you want to buy the perfect battery for your car. The life of a car battery depends on two things: the climate and the usage or driving habits. In a hot climate, the life of the battery is considered less as compared to the normal climate.


There are two separate aspects of the warranty of a car battery. One is the free replacement period. During this period, you can reimburse the entire amount for your car battery. The other is the prorated period. During this period, you are only qualified for partial reimbursement.

Always look for the battery having the longest free replacement period. If the prorated period of reimbursement starts, then the amount of reimbursement will reduce rapidly. Always be aware of the things which can void the warranty. For example, the factors like carelessness in checking the water levels of the battery and improper installation of the battery are the things that will void the warranty.

Types of Car Batteries

If you want to make an ideal and perfect choice of battery for your car, you must have knowledge about different types of batteries and their functionality. Here are some popular types of batteries being used commonly today.

  • Wet (Flooded) This type of battery is the most commonly used type. These batteries are famous for their easy maintenance and friendly prices. Their prices range from $50 to $700. These are mostly recommended in hot climates. These batteries are good to use in hot places with maintenance. Wet or flooded batteries contain freely suspended plates and are completely sealed due to which this type of batteries can easily be maintained.
  • Calcium (Calcium-Calcium) These batteries offer good battery life but are most expensive to purchase. These batteries offer a very slow rate of self-discharge and are easily affordable as their price range under $100.
  • Maintenance FREE GEL or Wet (MF sealed Battery) Flooded or GEL sealed batteries are long-lasting and degrade slowly as compared to Wet (flooded) batteries. This type of batteries also requires drilling for reconditioning. Gel-based batteries add silicon to the mix which makes the battery liquid a viscous gel. However, these batteries are not considered a good choice for cars as they cannot generate much power during startup.
  • VRLA (AGM)stands for “Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery”. These batteries are so similar to Maintenance free car batteries, offer longer life estimation and higher costs.
  • Lithium-Ion – The most expensive batteries found rarely and prove to be long-lasting if used with proper care. This type is used by high-performance automobiles and offers longer life, ability to bear the frequent charging/discharging. The price of a standard lithium battery can cost $1500 to $300.
  • Deep Cycle Batteries Last but not least; we have deep cycle batteries. These batteries have high and fast discharge rates and long battery life. Due to their long battery life, these batteries are considered a good choice in electric cars and other such vehicles.


The Best Car Batteries



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ACDELCO 78AGM is one of the best car batteries. The reason for such a rating is its impressive performance in all the parameters. It contains silver calcium stamped alloy which increases its performance as well as lifetime. Due to the calcium lead positive grid, it offers very low resistance. The battery is 100% tested against leakage. We have taken the reviews of several customers who are using ACDelco. They are quite impressed by its performance and working. The battery ensures zero maintenance. Just install the battery in your car and forget all of your worries.


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It is a dual-purpose AGM battery and has an incredible starting power. Optima is one of the most reliable and trusted brands of car batteries and these batteries offer the widest surfaces for their lead plates. Their performance is really remarkable irrespective of heat and humidity. This battery is a little bit different from a usual plug & play battery.


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D3400 XS series battery is one of the cheapest AGM car batteries available in the market. But its cheap price doesn’t mean that it offers low quality or working. It is considered a good alternative for the popular Optima Yellow top battery. It ensures a prolonged life span, extremely low resistance. It comes with M6 terminal bolts. Most of the customers consider D3400 as one of the most energy-dense batteries.


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This type of battery offers several features like perfect fitting, easy installation, weighs 15 pounds, best performance, and much more. It has six sets of plates lying horizontally and straight. Its conductivity and energy availability allows it to perform well. It carries 15% more starting power than conventional batteries.


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ODYSSEY PC680 battery has an incredible life span of 3-10 years depending on the usage, and it has a limited 2-year warranty. In the beginning, this battery has a 70% longer life span than other conventional batteries. It can operate on a stable voltage for a constant period of time. It is the fastest recharging battery available in the market. It is also resistant to severe climate fluctuations.


We hope that this post will provide deep knowledge about battery timings, the life cycle of batteries, and different types of car batteries. By simply going through this article, you will understand much more about car batteries. So, hopefully, you will like our article!

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